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It’s Desperation Time!

The left wing has become absolutely, positively desperate as this campaign wanes into the last two weeks. The signs are everywhere, if you look closely enough. Here’s a true story:  In Frankfort, Illinois, at the corner of 80th Avenue and St. Francis road, a family recently moved into a house that had been for sale there for some time.  This family, like many others, is conservative.  Out of a sense of support for our President, they purchased a large Bush/Cheney sign, which they erected on private property just outside their yard fence, and it was prominently visible at the well-traveled intersection.  It was placed at a 45-degree angle to the intersection, facing North, toward the train station whose traffic empties into the homes in that area.

Less than a week after the sign (listed for over $250 at was placed, vandals spray-painted a red "circle slash" symbol on the sign.  This appears not to be a teenager prank, but rather sabotage by democrat activists.  The next day, the family, or someone made a repair to the sign with black spray paint, and added several oddly-shaped plywood signs saying "Vote Bush" and the like.  The plywood signs are now gone, but the original defaced sign still stands, proudly defying those anti-constitutionalists who believe that everyone has the right to free speech except for conservatives.  It is joined by signs touting local Republican candidates, ensuring that passersby know just what the sign means now.

We salute this brave family.  We are also relieved that other, more vicious, tactics were not employed.  In Wisconsin, people who placed Bush/Cheney signs in their front yards were treated to swastikas on their front lawns, burned in with a weed killer like Roundup.  College administrators are dumping their student funds into paying Michael Moore to come and propagandize on campus, and should anyone espouse a viewpoint that appears even remotely conservative, Moore will ensure, via whatever tactic possible, that the dissenter is hauled off by "security."

Democrats explicitly threaten Sinclair broadcasting for their plans to air an anti-Kerry documentary.  Chad Clanton all but threatened Sinclair’s broadcasting license(s) should Kerry, the "civil rights" candidate (ha!), win.  These tactics remind us of other left-wing kooks like Stalin, Goebbels and Hitler.  Truly scary.  However, instead of raging and ranting, one needs to realize this horrid behavior for what it is: Absolute Desperation.  The leftists know that they will lose this election.  They know that they will lose ground in the Senate and the House.  George W. Bush will appoint between two and four Supreme Court justices, as Justices Rehnquist, Stevens and possibly O’Connor may retire, and Madam Justice Ginsburg has been battling poor health.

The left sees their power, something they believe, as an innate part of their philosophy, they are entitled to wield, disappearing.  The 2004 election may just be their last stand to try to gain power for the next 40 years.  We in the conservative movement have been getting our point across.  Arnold Schwartzenegger governs in California.  We have held the house for ten years, and are in no danger of losing it.  We have a good shot at sending Tom Daschle home as a former senator, and with the exception of Barack Obama in Illinois, there are no leftist star candidates.

John Kerry is out striving to bolster his African-American constituency, which the leftists took for granted for far too long.  Meanwhile, George W. Bush locks in his Christian Constituency with his bold profession of faith and his strong stand for the good.  So, it appears that the constituency that slept in 2000 for the Republicans is energized, while the Democrats’ energy constituency has no energy and is likely to turn out low, and also more for our President.  As an aside, W deserves it.  While Democrats treat minorities as tokens and give no actual credence to them as leaders, W gave two of this top three advisory positions to Colin Powell and Condi Rice, and would have made Gen. Powell his VP had he so consented.

People are not stupid, and this is the greatest error of the far-left philosophy -- the belief that people do not have the facilities to make it without the government, as they would run it, paternistically.  They see Kerry’s words and his wife’s (mostly unprintable) words.  Then they see W’s deeds, and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that one candidate is full of hot air, and the other is a great man.

There is simply no sunshine in lib-land, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Their desperation is coming out in Naziesque threats, vandalism, fearmongering, propaganda and in other ways.  What should we do?  Make absolutely sure that you vote!  Go out to the polls, give other voters a ride to the polls, whatever.  Let’s give the überlibs something to cry about -- a 49-state victory and 61 Republican Senators.  Then their desperation will turn to resignation.