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Cardinal Sins

Protesters were up in arms because the Roman Catholic Church let Bernard Cardinal Law act as a principal celebrant of one of the novena of masses in memory of the late Pope John Paul II.  Why?  Because he apparently shuffled pedophilic priests from church to church rather than defrock them.  The Pope, before he died, removed Law as Archhbishop of Boston.  Believing that Law does not deserve forgiveness. SNAP (an organization who supports priest abuse victims), protested loudly and attracted a massive media circus.  They started to protest before Law celebrated the Mass, and were enraged when the church ignored these protests.

Bernard Law is a priest, an archbishop and a cardinal.  He has been forgiven by God, but the SNAP people cannot get past his indirect involvement in the priest abuse scandals.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.  "If you do not forgive your neighbor, your Father in Heaven will not forgive you."  -- Jesus Christ.  Law did not personally abuse anyone.  He screwed up, and was probably overwhelmed by the situation.  He acted defensively and a little recklessly.

Leave the man alone, or the cardinals will get just angry enough to make him the next Pope.