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The Left Doesn't just hate Trump. It hates YOU.

They don’t just hate President Trump. They hate YOU.

We have witnessed an endless litany of evidence-bereft accusations flung at our new President, with the background chorus of “Impeach! Impeach!” played loud and long by the leftists in the media and their cronies in the Democrat party (yes, that sentence is in the intended and proper order). Everything that our President does is some sort of evil and or unlawful thing.

One day, President Trump is conspiring with the Russians – the bogeyman du jour – to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, who anyone with a brain knows should have won. The next, President Trump is giving classified secrets to the Russians (again with the bogeyman) in the Oval Office! To pile on, then the President is “obstructing justice” and asking James Comey to go easy on Michael Flynn, a day or two after he fired the man for lying to VP Pence about his ties to foreign lobbying groups. Every one of these allegedly-explosive tales traces back to “unnamed sources.” Does this mean that the leftist media is manufacturing these stories? Partly inasmuch as they have run on hearsay (e.g., the Comey “memo” was read in part over the phone by the leaker – who of course has committed a federal crime).

However, it must be noted that some leftists (e.g., Maxine Waters) were floating Impeachment well before the inauguration. Other leftists engaged in threatening Trump electors with death to get them to change their votes; still others tried to convince the electors to go faithless and put someone else – anyone else – into the White House. Still, President Trump received 304 of the 306 electoral votes to which he was entitled – an easy win.

Even before that, we can recall the riots in Oregon and California after President Trump was elected. The Jill Stein “Russia hacked our election” thing was another leftist refusal to accept the will of the people, bolstered by the weak contention that Mrs. Clinton “won the popular vote” of all the states put together. In other words, the left demanded the sort of mob rule that was so strongly opposed in the Constitutional Convention that it led to the Connecticut Compromise, part of which is the Electoral College. We discussed this more in this article.

The majority of the conservative media, aside from the “Never Trump” establishment types, has categorized this as the media and the left loathing President Trump.

From Where is this All Coming?

The left has gone unhinged. We conservatives have coined the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome;” I never thought that I would be writing the following words: “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is an understatement! What we are seeing is seething, raging, uncontrollable, uncontrolled hate from the left. In point of fact, the left has no desire to control this hatred. The media and the Democrat party are stoking this hatred.

This hate is the kind of hate that spills over into the fascist anti-freedom tactics of Antifa. It’s the kind of hate that causes the leaders of universities to disinvite conservative speakers and effectively muzzle conservative thought in academia. This is the kind of hate that fuels Stephen Colbert and his late-night screeds against the president, while simultaneously exposing Jimmy Fallon, who wants to have an apolitical good time, to vicious attacks for failing to viciously attack the President.

The rub is that these people don’t just hate President Trump. They hate every single one of the 62+ million voters who gave our President 306 electoral votes, 30 state victories, all but 489 of 3141 counties nationwide, and a stunning mandate to do something different. A businessman who has never held office was elected President. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin were singing in their graves that day, because the citizen servant-leader was their ideal vision for the country. But not for the left. They hate YOU for this repudiation.

The left thinks it knows how to live your life better than you do. And how does that work out for people? Try living in the heart of Chicago and not have your heart stopped by a bullet. It is a terrifying but true statement that Baghdad is a safer city than is Chicago. The left thinks that Trump voters are stupid. Read it for yourself.

CNN covers President Trump at over 97% negative. I have personally witnessed CNN “reporters” repudiate statements made by the President or his staff with their own opinions. There is of course Anderson Cooper’s sexist eye-roll at Kellyanne Conway, but that’s OK, because it is OK to be sexist at a “stupid” Trump supporter.

On Election Night on Fox, just before Fox announced the Wisconsin and Iowa wins that telegraphed that Donald John Trump would be our next president, Greg Gutfeld said this:

“I think the mistake here was portraying this as insider versus outsider,” Gutfeld told the panel. “This is culture versus culture. When you’re in a small town and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and Funny or Die, Miley Cyrus mock you for your unhappiness and for your beliefs…You now see millions of people saying ‘I’ve had enough of that culture. I don’t need you anymore! This was the F.U. to popular culture. Hillary is less liked than the flu, but it’s more than that. It’s about the people that assumed she had this to begin with. That she was entitled.” [italics supplied]

Mr. Gutfeld is correct. You and every other Trump voter, myself included, saw this evil nonsense. This arrogant presumptive sense of superiority on the part of celebrities and the leftist elite effete politicians of both parties who looked down on President Trump as less than a fool and his supporters as racist sexist bigots who hate everyone who isn’t white and male. We saw this snobbery and we voted against it! Note that the GOP senatorial candidates who supported President Trump all won. The GOP Senate candidates who opposed President Trump all lost.

Now, the evil left sees that it can never win another national election unless it not only unseats, but utterly destroys our President. The left is frantically throwing anything, no matter how false or ridiculous, at the President. It’s reminiscent of monkeys at a zoo, throwing their feces at the amused zoo patrons. They hope that something will stick, but it just bounces off the glass barrier. Hearteningly, the evil left is failing; President Trump’s support is steady in the polls. The leftist base is in apoplexy against our President, and is increasing its virulence and violence to try to destroy him. Some of this is scaring some GOP congresspersons. But the base is steady in polls; these polls are conducted by the leftist media that hates him and you so vehemently. We know that the polls are tilted against the President; it just may be that President Trump has increased his support by refusing to back down and do the Beltway two-step.

The left hates you for voting for President Trump and wants to teach you a lesson that you won’t soon forget: Vote only for whom you are told! Do as you are ordered! You are reckless when you use your freedoms!

I think that we have chosen wisely, and we realize in the wisdom that we have but the evil left denies, that the more they howl the better our choice was. Once President Trump defeats this baseless witch-hunt, he can proceed full-steam ahead to drain the evil swamp. Let’s pray that he succeeds and soon.