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Kerry: Bad Joke Thief

In 1996, Jay Leno told a joke in the monologue of The Tonight Show.  Based on a question Bill Clinton fielded in 1992, Leno joked that Bob Dole, who was running for President in 1996, was asked if he wore "Boxers or Briefs," and answered "Depends."  As most of you know, Depends is the trade name of the most popular adult diaper.

In 2008, John Kerry, who could never turn an original joke, stole Mr. Lenoís joke.  Kerry intimated that he himself was tempted to "go commando," meaning no underwear.  That term is itself plagarized from the character Joey Tribbiani from the TV sitcom FriendsRead here.  Then he joked: "Then they asked McCain and McCain said, ĎDepends,í" drawing laughs from the crowd he was addressing.

Shameful ageist remarks against a war hero are bad enough.  Itís even worse when the shameful remarks are themselves stolen from another shameful insult of a different war hero who ran for President 12 years ago.

John kerry has successfully renewed his membership in our Hall of Shame.