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Liberals with Integrity -- Explaining this section

In this section, we will list people who have that rarest combination of attributes:  Liberalism and Integrity.  Yes, they do exist, although it is my belief that they are few and far between.  As Conservativity starts to get off the ground, we''ll add to this section.  Here''s a preview of a couple of people who will make it into this section:

  1. Jay Marvin, Commentator, WLS-AM Radio, Chicago:  Mr. Marvin is an honest and outspoken man who is fundamentally decent.  Here''s a liberal who believes in personal responsibility, obeying the law, and supports concealed-carry liberties!  Jay is a man who thinks every position through and does not simply toe some third party''s line of what a "liberal" should be.
  2. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former Senator, New York:  He was a liberal''s liberal.  But he was honest, candid and a good man.

So why are we doing this?  Because it helps us to remember that we are all Americans, even though our views may differ.  Respecting those who show integrity even though our views diverge is a necessary exercise of maturity.