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The American Left: Rickrolled!

There is an extremely-popular prank on the Internet. It’s called “rickrolling.” One clicks on a YouTube or other video, and instead of getting what the description says, the video suddenly cuts into the video of the 1980’s song, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. This is exactly what President Trump has done to the leftist media and their Democrat cronies. His accomplices? The wise Americans who voted him into office. Donald J. Trump, the master communicator, has rickrolled the world.

The Left has been Rickrolled!

The media tries to paint this picture of President Trump as a few days away from ignominiously being driven from office. One particularly evil leftist reporter, Jason Fuller, published on the Huffington Post that the President should be executed for the “crimes” that this evildoer conjured in his warped imagination. HuffPo spiked the story after blowback, but the Internet has a long memory. But on June 20, 2017, Rush featured a story about a Frank Luntz focus group. It seems that President Trump’s supporters love him more than ever!

Some highlights:

  • The focus group does not buy the “Russia stole the election” narrative.
  • The focus group likes the President’s Tweeting, and as Rush noted, stood firm when Mr. Luntz tried to talk them out of it.
  • The focus group used the following terms to describe our president: “Honest,” “Determined,” “Effective,” “True,” “Strong,” “Productive,” “Tough SOB,” “Very authentic.”

The media keeps on reading the President’s description, and then when the video is clicked, you get rickrolled as his base loves him like never before! One Focus group member summed it up: “You know, my thing is, I’m so tired of people beating on Donald Trump. Donald Trump made us promises, he kept them, and that’s a type of new leadership that we need.”

The media thinks that it has beaten the President into submission, when in reality, he has ignored absolutely everything and kept on doing his business. The left has been rickrolled!

The Left Does Not Realize That They’ve Been Rickrolled!

As the evil leftists sit in their echo chambers in the coastal mega-cities, they don’t realize that everything that our President has done has been in an effort to keep his promises. But the real people do! The people who gave him 306 electors, 30 states and all but 489 of 3141 counties have eyes to see and ears to hear. The voters see the President not as a paralyzed failure but as a constantly-attacked person who insists on succeeding anyway.

As Rush notes, a few leftists see that this Russia nonsense is going nowhere and the President is working his plan unabated. Rush mentioned Katrina Vanden Heuvel, who opined in the June 20 Washington Post to that effect. But, aside from the few stragglers, the rest of the left is confidently prancing about as if they’ve defeated the President, while he laughs and merrily keeps on working.

The media floats some anonymously-sourced story that the President plans to re-enact the “Saturday night massacre” and fire Robert Muller; Mr. Muller is still the special counsel. They misread the President’s tweet that was blasting another anonymous story that the President himself is under investigation; the tweet was not attacking his own staff as the media thought but was blasting the ludicrous premise of the story. If one’s head was not in an echo chamber, one would see this clearly.

The leftist media on June 20: CNN breathlessly reports that LTG Flynn is co-operating with the special counsel, and states that only happens when he is ratting on a superior, assuming that Flynn is ratting out trump. The CNN mood was palpably lower when it came out that Flynn and Mueller were discussing things that happened in 2015, even before Donald Trump announced for president. Why was LTG Flynn’s boss at that time? President? Yes. President Trump? No!

The left is willingly taking the Trump Rickroll without a second thought, and they still don’t see that they are being rickrolled.

Will Anything Get Through to the Left?

What could possibly get through to the Left that they are being Rickrolled and are completely deaf and blind to what is going on? I honestly don’t know. They keep on losing special elections, and are likely to lose another on June 20. But every one of those losses is explained away, and the explanations seem delusional – because they are delusional.

The Left thinks that it will win the House in 2018, and then impeach President Trump, and hurt him so badly that he will be ejected from office with 67 votes by a Senate that will likely have 57-61 GOP senators.  Delusional on every front.  No other word describes it.

The Left thought it had this country in the bag, and now it cannot accept that the people have rejected their evil and elitist ideology.  Donald Trump saw this, and he is now Rickrolling the left.  Unless they wake up, the Left had better get used to hearing that refrain…

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!”