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The Unhinged Left Drives into the Canyon.

Into the Canyon – A Tragedy.

Wow. I never thought I’d see what I am seeing now. We are seeing a left-wing media driving the leftist Democrat party over a cliff and into the canyon. The derangement level of the left is over the top. The duplicity is like nothing I’ve seen before. Not only the duplicity of the left, but the speed with which the duplicity is deployed.

Duplicity on Display

Take the news of the week. President Trump fired FBI director James Comey. That is his right; the FBI director serves at the pleasure of the president. President Trump needs no excuse, no permission of the Congress, no nothing. He fired Comey upon the advice and recommendation of the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General, to whom Mr. Comey directly reported.

Now, understand that Democrat leaders were angry that President Trump had not fired Mr. Comey upon taking office. See this article for an example. Now, after the President gets the Deputy AG into his chair (after Democrat stalling the confirmation in the Senate) upon a 94-6 confirmation vote, the deputy AG took 13 days to write the memo that President Trump cites as the reason – again that he did not need to give – to fire Mr. Comey. Now these same Democrats blatantly talk from the other side of their mouths to decry the President doing exactly what they demanded that he do!

The Democrats hyperventilate with phrases such as:

  1. “Constitutional Crisis.” Since when is it a Constitutional Crisis when the President does exactly what his authority permits him to do? President Trump needs no reason to fire the FBI director.
  2. Comparisons with the infamous Watergate “Saturday Night Massacre.” President Nixon commanded his Attorney General to fire a Special Prosecutor investigating him. The Attorney General refused the unlawful order. President Nixon fired the Attorney General, and asked the deputy AG – now acting Attorney General – to do the firing. He resigned. Then the next guy in line finally did what the President commanded. This is nothing like the Saturday night Massacre!
  3. Accusations of a “cover-up.” This nonsense has been the unanimous refrain of the leftists. Covering up what? Former DNI Clapper, who had access to all FBI work product, had just testified before Congress that he was aware of no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Moreover, firing Mr. Comey does nothing to stymie any investigation.

It is rich to see the Democrat talking heads do an instant 180 on this issue.

Unhinged Reactions and Their Effect on Credibility

Calling the Democrat hyperventilation over the Comey firing “unhinged” borders on being a significant understatement. They cry “Wolf!” so much that all except the most-die-hard adherents of the leftist base are burned out. Perpetual outrage, scorched-earth war and extreme overreaction to every issue. This strategy – no strategy at all – is destroying what little credibility that the Left still has.

Maxine Waters has been crying “Impeachment!” since before the President was inaugurated! She also said that, if Hillary Clinton had won the election, she should have fired Mr. Comey, but that President Trump cannot do so because he did not fire him on Inauguration Day.

When people speak, and in a ten-second period make diametric statements about the President, their hate goes on display and they damage their credibility. When they persist in their folly, they destroy their credibility. That is what has happened here.

The left thinks that this is a winning strategy – discredit President Trump. Make his presidency seem illegitimate and stolen with false accusations. I hasten to remind the left that this is the exact same strategy that Hillary Clinton used in the presidential election where President Trump won 306 of 538 electors, all but 489 counties of 3,141 and 30 of 50 states. It does not work.

They sit in a corner and sulk while Mitch McConnell uses the nuclear option and confirms Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Before the vote, they condemned this brilliant jurist, who every sensible person on Earth agrees was an outstanding pick, as an extremist and the friend of companies and the enemy of the little guy. The extreme disconnect between reasonable and Democrat was on full display.

They refuse to do anything to help the healthcare system that they sabotaged, even as it implodes. They demand that Obamacare be retained, and again sulk in a corner while the GOP does the heavy lifting.

They make the same knee-jerk objections to tax reform that we have heard for decades, and which experience proves to be spurious. Again, they goad McConnell into enacting the Nuclear Option for all legislation, a move that Conservativity heartily supports.

And they think that this will win?

The Democrats have no new ideas. They spout the same old garbage that has reduced them to their lowest nadir of power since Reconstruction. The only reason that their every stupid policy is not already repealed is a fair amount of disunity and spinelessness among GOP in the Congress. However, President Trump is working to unify the Congress. When that happens the entire agenda of the left can be wiped out while the Democrats sit and sulk.

So how do they think that vainly trying to discredit President Trump will have any effect whatsoever on their political chances? No evidence of wrongdoing exists. Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkas scoured NSA intercepts for any dirt to throw at the Trump campaign and nothing has come up. Nothing! If evidence existed, it would have been splashed all over the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post and our president would be Mike Pence or Paul Ryan.

The Left thinks that You are Stupid

I see how much sensible people are burned out by this nonsense. And this country is, by and large, comprised of sensible people. The foregoing is a bedrock conservative principle.

However, the Democrats don’t believe that. They still adhere to dogma that all those who voted President Trump into office are bigoted idiots. They believe that, by and large, the people are morons and sheep, easily swayed by plausible bull dung. That is a bedrock leftist dogma. That is why they believe that the government needs to be so huge, in order to enable the leftists (who know what is good for you) help the hoi polloi make it through life. Why? Because they think that you cannot successfully live your life, and look at any disagreement with them as proof thereof.

The Arrogance of the Left has Doomed It

But what happens if the left is wrong? What if the people are by and large sensible and self-sufficient? Leftism fails – miserably. On November 8, 2016, the last chickens of the evil left came home to roost. The GOP now controls more levers of government than it has since Reconstruction. We are able to use state conventions even now to proposed Constitutional amendments at will, and are but two state legislatures away from being able to pass amendments at will.

We have elected a turnaround specialist as President, who has in turn selected the strongest cabinet perhaps in history. He is taking no time in undoing regulatory nightmares, cutting taxes and fixing the healthcare mess. The economy is roaring to life. The Left, in its arrogance, has doomed itself. I don’t even know if there is any way for it to recover at this time.

And, even as the left sees the edge of the cliff, it steps on the accelerator pedal. Canyon, here they come!