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Fair weather friends? President Trump did the right thing!

I have seen a lot of criticism of President Trump for destroying the air base from which the chemical attack was launched.  From where I sit, the presidentís response was perfect. He destroyed or at least significantly delayed the Syrian capability of using chemical weapons on its own citizens. 

Considering the fact that those same weapons could have been used on American forces, the president was justified in what he did. Furthermore, the "false flag" speculations are just that, and they run in the face of the evidence that has been shown to the American people.  Those proofs show that Syria was behind the chemical attack, to a standard of clear and convincing evidence.

We notified the Russians ahead of time, and they were able to evacuate their own people and assets. The lack of a forceful response from Russia is indicative of the fact that Russia does not intend to respond forcefully.  For all we know, Vladimir Putin is happy that we neutralized the chemical weapon deployment capability.

The Evil leftist media has responded with absurd speculations that Trump and Putin conspired in both the chemical attack and the armed response in order to draw attention away from their contrived collusion in the presidential campaign.  Frankly, that allegation is pure insanity.  Tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists are shaking their heads in disbelief at that whopper. 

I am, however, most disappointed in so-called "Trump supporters" who have abandoned our president because he took an action that, with the knowledge he has, was necessary.  Talk about being fickle fair weather fans!  Furthermore, talk about a lack of natural affection! President Trump destroyed the ability of an evil government to gas little children! That is commendable on its face and in every possible way.