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Stuck in Iraq!

John Kerry has acted shamefully.  This is nothing new.  In 1971, he came back from the Vietnam service he now vaunts as something heroic, and immediately, intentionally, gave aid and comfort to the enemy by falsely accusing his fellow troops of war crimes.  Now, he has again let his true colors, which are the true colors of all leading Democratic leftists, shine through.  And these true colors manifested themselves in a vicious slap at our troops.  Here is this "personís" commentary, in the whole:

"You study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well.  And if you donít, you get stuck in Iraq,"

John Kerry said that the above comment is not aimed at our troops, but rather their commander-in-chief.  He then said that the above comment was a botched joke.  He then, in mock indignation (I personally believe that all leading Democrats are so amoral as to lack the ability to be truly indignant), spoke about the lack of qualifications of such people as Rush Limbaugh, and even our beloved President, to comment upon his statement because they were not "veterans."  I guess that, in senator Kerryís self-serving world view, I am somehow unqualified to comment because I have not served in the Armed Forces.  Such an assertion is hypocritical nonsense.

John Kerry has, in my opinion, invalidated his military service in 1971 when he came back and uttered heinous and still-unproven accusations of war crimes, in public.  He invalidated the right to speak as a veteran in 1971 when, during a war, he intentionally gave aid and comfort to our enemies by uttering those unfounded public accusations.  John Kerry effectively tortured John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton, by refusing to support his putative comrades.  That was, in part, the point of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who thankfully kept this country from the calamity of a Kerry presidency.

The extreme left will continue to try to say that Kerry misspoke, or that he intended to convey that our President, who holds a Harvard MBA, was uneducated.  Nonsense.  John Kerry intended to slander our brave troops.  Heís done it before.  We have the right, and perhaps the obligation, to assume, after Kerry viciously attacked our troops in 1971, resulting in deaths and horrendous tortures, from his intentional aid and comfort of the enemy, to assume that Kerry operates with the intent to demoralize and ruin our brave troops. 

The President of the United States of America has called for Kerryís apology.  But donít expect anything of the like.  Like all leading Democrats, he believes that he has not done any wrong, and cannot do any wrong.  He is always right and good, and we are are always wrong and evil.  Why?  We are not socialist demi-Communist liberals, and to John Kerry, that makes us evil.  The same holds true for every single Democrat in power anywhere in Washington.

John Kerry is now ensconced in our Hall of Shame, right next to his wife, a traitor to the GOP, whose first husband, the late GOP Sen. John Heinz, left her a chunk of the Heinz Ketchup empire, and is using that money to attempt to impose Democrat -- read totalitarian -- rule upon an unwilling people.  He should apologize and he should be expelled from the Senate.  The only way, however, that will happen, is if we all go out and vote GOP straight ticket, and punish every single Democrat for Kerryís evil deed.  We need to unseat every Democrat that stands for re-election, or suffer the calamity that will befall us if the Democrats get power.

Save us from the calamity of evil leftist rule.  Vote GOP.