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Our Conservative Site Link List

Inaugurated on November 13, 2004:  Here’s where we list conservative web sites for you to visit.  We’re not paid for listing a site here, and we don’t pay to list ourselves anywhere else.  We were going to call this list "comprehensive," but it is in its infancy.  We’ll leave the spin to the leftists.  The sites of our Compatriots:

  • -- webzine for real people with real values.  Well written, popular and fun.
  • -- A moral conservative web site that addresses political and social issues from a Biblical perspective.
  • Ann Coulter --  Direct, blunt, brilliant!  Best selling author, inaugural member of our Legendary Conservative Hall of Fame for Commentators.
  • -- a semi-blogged site where everyman is a pundit!
  • -- The news scoop site that drives the left wing media to the brink of suicide.
  • Sean Hannity -- Groundbreaking New York Conservative, host of radio and TV, proud to be an American Conservative!
  • Laura Ingraham -- Attorney, lover of Labrador Retrievers named Troy, Conservababe icon.  Radio Host par excellence.
  • -- the web home of Glenn Reynolds, the sole voice of reason on the opinions tab. 
  • Rush Limbaugh -- The all-knowing, all-seeing loveable little fuzzball, El Rushbo, the Maha Rushie, the great man who has led the way for us all.  The most popular radio personality in history.  The voice in the wilderness in 1988, now the leader of the modern conservative movement.
  • Michelle Malkin -- Conservative commentator with the rapier wit of an experienced journalist, and the fundamental decency that is the opposite of the present-day media. Savvy enough to set up her web site as a RSS newsfeed.
  • -- Amy Ridenour’s famous Blog at the National Center for Public Policy Reserach.
  • Debbie Schlussel -- Upper Midwest Conservative commentator, staunch supporter of true liberty.
  • -- The Conservative Icon of the Internet.
  • Walter Williams -- A conservative economic genius, to whom we should all pay careful heed.

Request linkage to our site, or suggest a site, by emailing and we’ll consider it right away.