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Gay People in the Military

Our position on gay people in the military was best summed up by the legendary Barry Goldwater: "You donít need to be ístraightí to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight."  How eloquently simple.  Gay people are just as American as straight people.  They are entitled to equal protection under the law simply because they are human.  Why should they be denied entry into the armed forces?  Simply, they should not.

Bill Clinton instituted the "Donít Ask, Donít Tell" policy in the 1990ís.  I suggest a new policy called "donít matter."  It should not matter if someone is gay.  Fraternization rules presently in place already protect soldiers from unwelcome advances, and by the way, there is no credible evidence that gay people undertake to make more sexual advances than straight people.

As a Christian, I have beliefs.  However, I am not entitled to impose my Christian belief set on those who believe differently.  It appears to me that this issue is one where oneís faith plays a big role to those who oppose this right.  However, we live in a country where one may believe as he or she chooses, and there is no reason for us to damage the cause of Christ by attempting to impose our code of conduct upon those who do not believe.

The faith aside completed, I conclude by saying that I am a proud Conservative.  That makes me compassionate by default. "Conservatism is the highest form of compassion." -- Rush Limbaugh.  I cannot agree more.  Some of my brethren on the right side of the spectrum disagree with me.  I respect their positions.  Some of the true wackos carry evil signs with lies that say "God hates [obscene epithet for gay people]."  I do not respect that evil, anti-Biblical position.  This kind of garbage tests the mettle of the lover of the Constitution, for the bashers have a Constitutional right to belch out that garbage.  Luckily I have the right to note garbage when I see it.

I firmly believe in the open tent of Reagan and Goldwater.  Itís time for more kindness from all conservatives, in other words, letís practice the highest form of compassion -- passionately.  Gay people should be allowed to enlist in the military with no regard whatsoever to their sexual orientation.