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Un-American Pie

Ann Coulter, one of our movementís greatest voices, was speaking last night in Tucson at the University of Arizona.  It was a typical exercise of her First Amendment free speech rights.  Ms. Coulter is outspoken, candid and direct.  She is a bold and unashamed advocate of the staunchest conservative positions.  I admire her bravery.  I admire her mind.  I am a married man, so I will admire no further.  To understand the previous sentence, look at any picture of Ann Coulter.

Ann, finished with her speech and engaged in Q & A with the audience, spoke to a rapt crowd of conservative students. Then, two hooligans, armed with custard pies, made their move onto the stage.  Ann, as agile as she is lucid, managed to avoid a pie in the face.  However, the hooligans destroyed a $3000 backdrop and were promptly arrested.  These criminalsí mug shots, courtesy of the Smoking Gun, are shown at left.  Phillip Edgar Smith and William Zachary Wolff both from Tucson and 24 years old, were arrested and charged with felony property damage and disorderly conduct.

Such mindless attacks against anyone who espouses a conservative viewpoint show the utter intolerance of those extreme leftist wackos who claim to be tolerant, the utter disrespect for the free speech rights for anyone who does not wholly agree with their extremist viewpoints.  These people are of the same ilk as those who vandalize and shoot at Bush/Cheney headquarters office, who blaze swastikas into the lawns of Bush/Cheney supporters, and other evil acts.

On Sean Hannityís show today, Ann Coulter called these cretins "alleged males."  How true.  We conservatives, the alleged "anti-intellectuals," are the ones who allow the left to speak their view without pies or Roundup or gunshots.  If we are so stupid and crass and over-simplistic, why is it that we are the ones who gladly encourage open debate, but if we have the consummate temerity to attempt to exercise our First Amendment rights, we must be silenced!

Hillary Clinton has the cajones to suggest that we are trying to stifle the leftís dissent with our President.  This is no less than psychological projection.  Thereís more projection on the left than at a 24-screen cineplex.  These people, who falsely claim to be intellectually superior to we of the Conservative movement, cannot stand when we calmly and clinically expose the absolutely vapid and insubstantial core of these hypocrites.

Ms. Coulter continued in the Hannity interview to suggest that the criminals ought to enjoy the "pleasures of gay marriage" in prison.  I understand Annís anger.  I am angry for her, because these hooligans attacked her.  I am relieved that she is unharmed.  She did not have to eat any Un-American Pie.