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Osama Bin Laden Joins Terrorists Worldwide, Endorses Kerry

UPDATED ON NOV. 1, 2004:  Osama Bin Laden has released a videotape, strongly critical of President Bush, and openly endorses Kerry for president.  So Al Qaedaís Kerry Endorsement joins those of Abu Jalal, Yasser Arafat, and numerous other terrorists worldwide.  What are these morons thinking?  They should know that endorsing Kerry, even backhandedly as Abu Jalal and the ABC tape messenger, as well as Bin Laden did, will make us vote for President Bush!

In a New York Post story, Bin Laden is quoted as saying that he will analyze the state by state election results and spare those that go Kerry.  This is no less than a ribald attempt to extort a Kerry victory out of the American public.  Itís stupid on Bin Ladenís part.  First, the American People donít take kindly to ultimata.  That kind of Kerry endorsement is likely to send Democrats to the polls, ready to vote for our beloved President.  Second, can it be believed?  Every single 9/11 target voted Gore in 2000.  Moreover, even if Bin Laden were serious now, his goal is still to destroy the whole United States.  He thinks that we are one hundred percent narcissistic as a people, and will vote with myopic self-interest.  What a big miscalculation!

The terrorists know that our beloved President will hunt down and kill every single terrorist on Earth.  Kerry, on the other hand, thinks that the terror-murder of over 3,000 innocents is "no big deal."  Michael Moore, the lying fat buffoon spokesman of the elite leftists, actually says that we are not exposed to a terrorist threat!  The French, a country that hates us except for when weíre saving their butts from their latest conqueror, want Kerry in, so that can resume looting Iraq as Saddam returns to power.  Kerry would toast Saddam with a fine Chateau Neufdepape and Brie, as Saddam lines up babies for target practice.

What our president does is to exercise consistency as he hunts down every terrorist on Earth.  Kerry disingenuously vows to destroy Al-Qaeda, but ignores the other 1,000+ terrorist groups worldwide, one or more of which will come in to replace Al-Qaeda.  But Kerry has already stated that he wants not to eliminate terrorism but rather to reduce it to a "nuisance" -- his word not ours.  Tell me, senator flipflopper, how many deaths per year constitute a mere "nuisance?"  I know that, to our President, one death is unacceptable, and he will not rest until every terrorist on Earth is in jail or (preferably) pushing up daisies.

How on Earth can any sane person support the Massachusetts Flip-Flopper?  This man would surrender us to terrorists.  He has voted in the Senate against every weapons system used in the war on terror.  He said that W should have amassed a coalition akin to the one his father did in 1991, but Mr. Directionless voted against that war, even though the "global test" Kerry stated was necessary was met.  Kerry has said that American soldiers only die honorably when fighting under the U.N. banner, and fighting and dying under the Stars and Stripes is dishonorable.  What do our brave WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Gluf War and War on Terror vets have to say about the fact that this "man" thinks them dishonorable for fighting for their country, according to their oath?

I am convinced that Mr. Bush needs to win a landslide mandate in order to keep the Republic together.  Vote Bush, and Vote Bush NOW!