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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Peace that Passes All Understanding

President George W. Bush and his family cast their votes in Crawford, Texas today.  When interviewed, our President thanked the people, and stunned the reporters present by his calm.  The polls show a dead heat, with the battleground states in a nailbiting tie.  Yet Geroge Bush was cool as a cucumber.

Does our President not care about the result?  Is he overconfident?  Is he on drugs?  Heck no, none of the above!  He has peace.  The president is a Christian who is not ashamed of his faith.  In the Bible, at Philippians 4:6, it says "Do not worry about anything.  But in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.  Then the Peach of God, that passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ our Lord."

George Bush is not worried.  He is at peace.  Later tonight, he will either make or receive a concession call, and will take to the stage to speak to his supporters.  My personal guess, after reading and hearing everything, is that he will tell the crowd that he had received a call from John Kerry.  He will still be at peace.  Even if he has to make the call, heíll still be at peace.  The godless people of foreign lands see Bush as arrogant, but today it hit me.  He is not arrogant, he is confident.  He is not uncaring, he is at peace.

That kind of peace is invaluable to a wartime president.  Our President has a level head.  He is able to use his peace and calm to advantage in strategy.  Sometimes the godless criticize the president as "clueless" or for having his eye off the ball about Al-Qaeda.  In reality, he is at the height of clarity.  This explains his success.

My prayer is that the President keeps his level head, that he get a second term, and that he exercises wisdom in this new term.