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Operation Chaos!

Among conservatives, I respect a few people far more than others.  Those who immediately come to mind are the late Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and most of all, Rush Limbaugh.  As the primary season began the great Maha Rushie has validated my esteem by engineering "Operation Chaos," we’ll call it OC for short.  OC has made it not only possible, but likely, that we will see the GOP retain the White House, and has even put both houses of Congress into play as John McCain lengthens his coattails on 1/3 the cash thet Democrat candidates Obama and Clinton have.

The GOP field was lousy this year.  The only candidates who were truly conservative, Romney and Thompson, proved that they were inadequate to the task of convincing the voters of their credentials and/or electability.  This let Mr. McCain, who leans left on many issues, to sail to a relatively-easy primary win.  Mr. McCain is secure in the nomination.  On the Democrat side, they fielded a far lousier field than the GOP from the perspective of the health of the nation.  However, from the perspective of the extreme-left-of-the-extreme-left of the Democrat party, they have a rising superstar: Barack Obama.  He is an ideal stealth candidate.  He has usurped the title of leftest-leaning member of Congress from socialist Bernie Sanders, while portraying himself, in flowery prose, as a moderate.  He is the darling of the totalitarian crowd of the Democrats, as shown by the Daily Kos’ strong suport of his candidacy.  Mr. Obama was considered a long-shot who was running to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.  However, the leftists teamed up with Mr. Obama’s rhetoric and dethroned the "inevitable" Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.

Barack Obama proceeded to srip off an impressive series of wins, and as of this writing, leads the delegate count and the popular vote.  Mrs. Clinton is reeling as Bill Richardson, the popular governor of New Mexico, has openly endorsed Mr. Obama.  Furthermore, the last big-state primary is in Pennsylvania, and popular Penn. Senator Casey has endorsed Mr. Obama and asked Mrs. Clinton to step down.  Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and the nation’s highest Denocrat officeholder, has made comments that the Democrat "superdelegates" should vote with their state’s majorities, drawing not-so-veiled threats from Clinton supporters.  Mr. Obama, who if pitted against anyone other than a Clinton, would have accepted a concession and seen the competitor withdraw, instead was treated to the ignominy of being the first front-runner to be offered the vice-presidential nomination by the second place candidate, causing Obama supporter and former Senate leader Tom Daschle to publicly express his astonishment and outrage.  DNC chairman Howard Dean is starting to put public pressure on the candidates to settle the issue.  This week, he said that this issue should be settled by July 1, but by then the candidates will be so bloodied that neither one wilol be able to come at Mr. McCain, who will have had a leisurely three months to educate the American people on his superior qualifications and his indisputable love of our great nation.

The Democrat party is in total chaos.  And we have Rush Limbaugh to thank for it.

Barack Obama was starting to get up a real head of steam, and had the opportunity to deliver the knockout blow with the Texas and Ohio primaries.  Instead, Mr. Limbaugh, not wanting Obama to coast to the nomination, openly suggested to his 25-million-plus strong radio audience that Texans and Ohio Republicans, whose candidate was already secured, should  cross over to the Democrat primary and vote for Mrs. Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote in both states, and decisively so in Ohio.  In Texas, in the end, with its split caucus/primary system, Mr. Obama captured the majority of delegates, but Mrs. Clinton is touted by the media as having won the state.  This gave the power-lusting Clintons the excuse they needed to drag out the fight, just as Rush knew they would. 

Hillary’s team is digging up dirt on Mr. Obama, and Obama’s team is digging up dirt on Mrs. Clinton.  Mr. Obama was hit with the rather weak missile that his former church pastor is a black-supremacist racist who called upon the lord to "damn" America.  But Rev. Jeremiah Wright is retired and building his $1.2 million retirement estate.  Mr. Obama came out and made a profoundly genuine-sounding speech on race, and condemned his pastor’s remarks, but did not throw the man under the bus.  This display of apparent integrity ended up backfiring on the Clintons, inasmuch as the voters respected MR. Obama’s loyalty to a friend and his apparently-frank answers to tough questions.  On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton, as Ann Coulter noted in her March 26, 2008 column, was "swiftboated" by the Obama camp over an outright lie about her taking sniper fire in Bosnia.  The lie was exposed, complete with videotape showing its falsehood.  this one ranks right up there with her being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who came to fame for climbing Mount Everest when Mrs. Clinton was seven years old.  As Mark Steyn noted this week, at least Bill Clinton was smart enough to hide his lies where there could be some real possibility that the lie was not a lie.  Not so with his wife.

But I digress; back to Rush Limbaugh’s actions.  Mr. Limbaugh’s suggestions kept the Democrats inwardly-focused.  John McCain leisurely evaluates VP candidates from Mitt Romney (please, NO), to Sarah Palin (yes!) to Condi Rice (Yes!), seeking someone as conservative as Reagan for the #2 position in the country.  Mr. Obama cannot mount any effective attack upon Mr. McCain, for he is still fighting for the nomination he earned, and is trying to keep Mrs. Clinton from stealing that nomination.  The polarizing effect of OC has been astounding.  As of right now, polls suggest that about 20% of Clinton supporters would vote for Mr. McCain rather than Mr. Obama, and vice versa.  If that number holds, and admittedly that is a big "if," Mr. McCain is assured of the presidency.

OC has energized conservatives, who see light at the end of the tunnel, and who no longer regard 2008 as a lost cause, but actually see their nominee leading in the polls.  Hopeful strategists see the possibility that Mr. McCain may grow substantial coattails, especially if he nominates a strong conservative as his running mate, or someone who splits the Democrat vote (Rice or Palin).  This is all to Rush Limbaugh’s great credit.  In case you think that I overemphasize Rush’s contribution to Democrat implosion, consider that Ohio Democrats attempted, with a fairly substantial effort, to cause the Attorney General of Ohio to bring criminal election tampering charges against Rush.  The AG decided not to play into Rush’s hands and waved off charging Maha Rushie.  Making Rush a martyr for simply speaking his opinion. which could never result in a sustainable conviction, would have increased the chaos and further energized the conservative base.

Even without Rush’s martyrdom, he has accomplished the great thing of plunging the Democrat party into chaos.  OC is a smashing success.  Rush Limbaugh is a member of our Hall of Fame.  We revel in our great choice.