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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Proceeding With a Mandate!

Our President held his first news conference since his re-election today.  Commingled with the cracks and jokes that served to lighten the mood, W made it clear that he "earned capital" with the stunning win he achieved on November 2.  He was clear and concise in answering every question authoritatively, as one who now had the peopleís mandate in his pocket -- and, no doubt about it, W has the peopleís mandate. 

Hereís a quote about Iraq: "...the Iraq issue is one that people disagreed with. And thereís no need to rehash my case, but I did so, I made the decision I made, in order to protect our country, first and foremost. I will continue to do that as the President. But as I do so, I will reach out to others and explain why I make the decisions I make."  Note that is not any sort of commitment to seek the permission or agreement of others, merely to inform them of the decisions he makes.  Mr. President, bravo!  George W. Bush realizes that the people are not split, they are with him.  Instead of repeating history and trying to be nice to Ted Kennedy and the rest of the elitist ultra-leftists, he is empowered, liberated, legitimized (he has been legitimate all along, but the leftists can no longer scream "selected not elected" or any of the other ribald B.S. that our president had to put up with these last four years) and mandated.

As to judges, W will nominate who he who he will nominate and Arlen Specter and the lefties will simply have to live with it.  As to the war, he will conduct as he will conduct it and will rely on the advice of his commanders and not namby-pamby Frenchmen who have forgotten the horror of totalitarianism, even though their country was overrun by the Nazis and over a million French died.  He will promote freely-elected republics in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you know that he will ensure that Iran, Syria and North Korea are neutralized, one way or another.  We mandated his task.

I am so glad to see President Bush finally take the mantle as our President.  To me, he became Our President on January 20, 2001, to a pile of other people, he became our president on September 11 and the days immediately thereafter, with his swift and sure reaction to the evil acts of that horrid day.  He finally became, without a shadow of a doubt, everyoneís "Our President" when the last polling place closed on November 2.  He realizes the magnitude of the mandate he has been given.  Donít expect him to wither from that task; he will show us just how seriously he takes his job and his oath.

To further quote our President about the "reaching out" that the losing party is now arrogantly demanding: "Iíve been wizened to the ways of Washington. I watched what can happen during certain parts of the cycle, where politics gets in the way of good policy. And at that point in time, Iíll continue to -- you know, Iíll try to get this done, Iíll try to get our bills passed in a way, because results really do matter, as far as Iím concerned. I really didnít come here to hold the office just to say, gosh, it was fun to serve. I came here to get some things done, and we are doing it."  It appears that our President is ready to roll with his mandate.  Bravo!