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The Left has No Vision - And It’s Dangerous

The Left’s Pathetic Excuse for a Vision

Today, the American left has been reduced to a vapid, senseless and emaciated shadow of a political philosophy. It successfully brainwashed about 48% of the populace into believing its nonsense, but when challenged by anyone with even a scintilla of backbone, it has no valid response. The only thing that the left knows to do is to shout “BIGOT!” and refuse to rationally discuss anything.

The confirmation hearing for Senator Jeff Sessions, a man who successfully broke the KKK in Alabama and ensured that a KKK murderer received a death sentence , has turned into a circus of unruly protesters. They arrived dressed in KKK outfits (defaming the senator by insinuation that he sympathizes with KKK), and carried “Stand against xenophobia” signs. Other activists tried to scream down the senators questioning Mr. Sessions as well as Mr. Sessions himself.

It boils to the same tactic, a form of the ad hominem fallacy. A sample “conversation” looks something like this:

Conservative: “My position is ---”


Conservative: “You are wrong and here is why ---”


The leftist has no semblance of a cogent argument for his or her beliefs. You must heartily support [insert position here] or you are [insert specific form of bigotry here]. If you support controlled borders and or removing any non-zero number of illegal immigrants, you are a xenophobic anti-Hispanic bigot. If you support the rights of Christian businessespersons to refuse to serve (and thereby endorse) a gay wedding, you are a homophobic bigot. If you say that “all lives matter,” you are a racist bigot who endorses the wholesale murder of young African-American males. If you support Voter ID laws, you are a racist bigot who wants to deprive every non-white person a right to vote.

To the leftist, the bare accusation of bigotry closes the discussion and invalidates the opinion of the accused. Evidence doesn’t matter. The lack of evidence is unimportant. What the leftist is doing is the rhetorical equivalent of covering one’s ears and screaming “La la la la la la!” at the top of one’s lungs. Why? The leftist genuinely has no cogent response to Conservative positions. Therefore, the leftist forcibly silences dissent from his or her position with a spastically reflexive accusation of bigotry. The leftist makes the accusation so rapidly that it seems to be an involuntary response.

The Left’s Lack of Vision Lost Them All Power

Conservatives have long ago caught on to the left’s lack of anything approaching a cogent vision. The Left has substituted pandering for intellectual rigor since the early days of Lyndon Johnson. Give Group X this government goodie, and obtain their votes. Give Group Y this government goodie and obtain their votes. Get into power and consolidate power, consequences be damned. Doing this, the left cobbled a coalition that propelled it to congressional power in 2006 and unified government in 2008. Then, internecine squabbling among the left’s factions resulted in partial paralysis. That saved the USA from becoming an irredeemable leftist dystopia.

In 2010, the people began to wise up. There was a wave election that year that changed congressional control in the House to the GOP. In 2014, the GOP won an even larger wave election. Why? The people began to recognize that the left has no vision and craves power for its own sake.

In 2016, the Left’s lack of vision realized fruition. While President Obama is a charismatic figure that transcended his party’s lack of vision, he was no longer on the ticket. Instead, Hillary Clinton ran on what can only be called an “it’s my turn to be President” platform. While the press and the entertainment industry tried to buoy her with an “inevitable” label, she was nearly knocked off in the primaries by a 74-year-old socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The only reason that she pulled off the nomination was skullduggery at the Democrat National Committee. Bernie Sanders had a vision and at least he had a decent ability to elucidate his vision in terms that were not mere accusations of Conservatism as bigotry.

Having secured the nomination, Mrs. Clinton then thought that she was up against a mindless doofus in Donald Trump. She campaigned on the notion that Donald Trump is a racist (His chief campaign spokesperson was a black woman), sexist (as well as the spokesperson, his campaign was run by a woman), homophobic (he spoke against the North Carolina bathroom law), anti-semitic (his daughter and son-in-law are orthodox Jewish and he is good friends with the Prime Minister of Israel), xenophobic (he spoke of welcoming legal immigrants to the USA) bigot. She had no real vision for the USA, and could not effectively explain why she wanted to be president.

Then came Donald Trump, who is the opposite of a mindless doofus. He is a shrewd and highly intelligent and wise candidate. He spent 70% less money than Mrs. Clinton, yet he won the White House in an impressive mandate with his vision: to Make America Great Again. He lucidly laid out his vision, and made it clear that he was running for President as a rescue operation for the country that he dearly loves. In so doing, President-Elect Trump won 88.4% of the counties in the USA, 67% of Congressional districts, 59% of states. A clear mandate in every relevant metric. His coattails quashed the left’s hubris-fueled confidence of reclaiming the Senate and perhaps the House, with the only GOP Senatorial candidates who lost being those who repudiated Mr. Trump.

The people spoke: They soundly rejected the vision-bereft left.

The Left’s Lack of Vision is Dangerous

Now, the left is out in the wilderness of politics, relegated to whining and insulting our President-Elect, and those who voted for him. We who supported Donald Trump are, to the left, bigoted idiots who voted against their own best interests. They reinforce their denial with bigotry and condescension. Their massive loss instilled not one whit of humility. Supremely confident in their own correctness, evidence notwithstanding, the left marches even faster on its path into the lava pit of popular rejection, buoyed solely by the fact that Mrs. Clinton ran up the score in one state (California). This is dangerous to America for two reasons.

The first reason is wounded animal syndrome. The left is displaying this even now, as the Hollywood pezzonovanti think that they are damaging President-Elect Trump by refusing to perform at his inaugural, or falsely accusing him of – you guessed it – bigotry. They are damaging themselves. However, wounded animals can strike hard and are most dangerous. Some are speaking of “civil disobedience” or flouting Federal law to enact “sanctuary cities.” Others speak of not allowing any nominee to the Supreme Court. The leftists who lost the election are angrily demanding action to prevent President-Elect Trump from dismantling their power-hungry machine.

The left’s dangerousness has manifested itself in a blatant attempt to delegitimize President-Elect Trump with ludicrous accusations that the Russians “hacked the election.” Career leftist operatives in the intelligence community, walking a fine line between angry reality-deniers and the truth, released a report that clearly shows that President-Elect Trump won the election fair and square. Nonetheless, even before the report was released, President Obama lashed out at Russia with sanctions – for revealing the truth about the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Others plan “a season of civil disobedience” and disruptive protests at the inauguration. Whipping the left into such a frenzy of petulance is a danger to our republic.

The second reason that the Left’s lack of vision is dangerous is lack of rigorous debate. Conservatives are just like any other people. A lack of challenge will inevitably result in in complacency. Right now, we are not being challenged, and we are already starting to slip into the “well naturally we’re right” frame of mind. We need to be able to answer a challenge with a rigorous defense of our position. As it is, the left tries to shut us up with spurious charges of bigotry at every turn. If we cannot come back at length, then the people who aren’t ideological will be turned off and we may lose the ability to shape policy. It’s happened before. See 2006.

Responding to the Visionless Left

We must calmly give voice to our vision for this country. We must calmly endure the false accusations of bigotry and make wise decisions whether to rebut or ignore them, based on circumstances – we must never descend to their level.

We must resist the left’s attempts to criminalize us, since as Rush Limbaugh so accurately observes , they cannot amass the votes to win. The left will therefore attempt to criminalize us with their barrage of phony accusations – witness the Russian “hacking” canard.

We must finally bring every single one of President-Elect Trump’s promises to fruition. That will indeed Make America Great Again. The President-Elect has astounded the world by coming through on his promises even before he is sworn in; let’s support him until it is all done.

Perhaps being relegated to true irrelevancy will force the left into developing a cogent vision.