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Immature, Childish, Illegal, Boorish -- Liberal Hallmarks

Recently, I wrote of the desperation of the Kerry/Edwards brownshirts as they vandalized a large Bush/Cheney campaign sign on the corner of 80th Avenue and St. Francis road in Frankfort, Illinois.  This sign sells for $250 on the Bush/Cheney web site, yet it was spray-paint vandalized with a red "circle slash" sign.  The homeowners, recently moved into the neighborhood (which is heavily Republican), valiantly fixed the sign with black spray paint.  Now, as I drove my daughter to school this morning, I noticed that the sign was gone.  One could see that it was ripped from its mounts.

These baby Nazis-in-training cannot stand that someone is promoting our President in a "blue state."  So they tore it out.  How immature.  They tried vandalism.  It did not work.  How illegal.  They then tore out and probably destroyed the sign.  How boorish.  They are probably carping now over their putative "victory."  How childish.  All of these things are hallmarks of elisist leftists, who love it when you exercise your "free speech rights" to libel the President (see Dan Rather), but who are truly apopleptic should you dare to attempt to speak freely in support of a proposition you do not like.

This is truly reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  You could speak as freely as you wanted to support the Führer and his policies.  Nobody ever was shot or sent off to a death camp if he or she gleefully portrayed the Nazi way of life as an awesome experience.  But if you dared to differ with the elites, even on a minor point, you were toast.The identical intolerance and absolutism is as evident in the modern American left as it was in the World War II German Nazi left.

Now I think that John Kerry is a hypocritical, lying, shallow, superioristic snob.  I think that his election would make America into a terrorists’ playground.  I fear the possibility that this person would turn American into a socialistic sycophant-state of elitist Europeans, who know little to nothing of how to deal with any threat, much less than the present threat.  But do I go out and destroy his campaign signage?  No, I am a grownup.  Do I go out and paint well-deserved Nazi symbols into the lawns of his supporters using Roundup?  No!  In fact do any of our beloved President’s supporters take pages out of the Goebbels / McAuliffe playbook and vandalize or shoot up (yes, Bush / Cheney offices have been shot up) Kerry’s offices?  Of course not.  We are not boorish; we respect the law.

I therefore believe all the rumors that, no matter the outcome, Kerry will attempt to declare "victory" and sue.  Unless, of course, we who love America turn out in droves and vote Bush, and give him the kind of victory that cannot sanely be challenged.  That is a lawful, mature, tactful response to these Democratic terror tactics.