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Let's Ignore the Sore Losers!

Itís time for us to ignore the sore losers on the extreme left.  Every time I turn around, Drudge is linking to another article where the leftists are, in essence, whining about their drubbing at the hands of the American People.  Here are some examples of the bitter whining:

  • Jane Smiley of Slate contends that the right is trying to "cultivate and exploit ignorance in this country."  So, in Smileyís world, the people who gave our President his mandate are ignorami.  There are so many unfounded assumptions in the article, about the Bible, about the alleged amorality of American Businessmen.  The grandaddy of these lies is when this person accuses the right of loving to "cheat and intimidate."  Apparently Ms. Smiley thinks itís fine when Kerry supporters vandalize Bush supportersí homes and burn swastikas into their lawns, and shoot up Bush offices.  Itís also OK, even commendable, to these elitists, for the grown children of Democrat officials in Wisconsin to slash the tires of over 20 Bush get-out-the-vote cans on Election day.  But, hold on!  If the GOP objects if Michael Jordan (who lives in Highland Park, IL) is registered to vote 22 times in Ohio, this is a ribald effort to "cheat and intimidate."
  • Paul Krugman in the New York Times writes: "President Bush isnít a conservative. Heís a radical - the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America as it is. Part of that coalition wants to tear down the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, eviscerating Social Security and, eventually, Medicare. Another part wants to break down the barriers between church and state. And thanks to a heavy turnout by evangelical Christians, Mr. Bush has four more years to advance that radical agenda."  Mr. Krugmanís total lack of connection with reality is apparent on its face.
  • The Boston Globe has this quote from a Kerry supporter:  "He could have made a great president," Johnson said. "Many Americans have nothing between their ears. Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid. I donít like this country anymore." As if this person ever did.
  • This whopper is from a news article in the New York Times: "Striking a characteristic New York pose near Lincoln Center yesterday, Beverly Camhe clutched three morning newspapers to her chest while balancing a large latte and talked about how disconsolate she was to realize that not only had her candidate, John Kerry, lost but that she and her city were so out of step with the rest of the country. íDo you know how I described New York to my European friends?í she said. íNew York is an island off the coast of Europe.í "
  • The British Daily Mirror Cover headline: "How can 59,000,000 Americans be so Dumb?"

I could list at least 120 more examples, just from links in Google alone.

"[T]he elite leftists simply cannot accept that they are out of touch with the rest of America."

Itís readily apparent to me that the elite leftists simply cannot accept that they are out of touch with the rest of America.  I sort of had a hope that they would try to accept the mandate of the American People.  Instead, exhibiting their classical snobbish elitism, they decided instead to excoriate the American People who gave the GOP its mandate as ignorant, stupid, robotic buffoons.  Of course that is nothing new.  To the elite left, anyone who does not agree 100% with these wackos is a moron.

So, should we be enraged and strike back?  No!  In fact, we should show them that we are graceful.  We ought to avoid the urge to point out the obvious fact that these people are sore losers; it is they who are in fact the ignorant ones.  They have ignored the values of this country.  They have ignored the common man they purport to advocate, while the GOP has focused on and palpably helped that same common man, over and over.  They hole up with and service the very ultra-rich that they disingenuously claim the GOP serve.  They have created not a base but a ragtag patchwork of disparate extreme interest groups, and then wonder why they cannot unite the country behind the shattered, glued-together standard that they hold up.  The Democratic party is indeed populated with jackasses, and well worthy of the party logo.

Our best response is to ignore these ignorami.