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Another Example of the Liberal Love of Free Speech

Tuesday night, October 26, 2004 , Sarasota, Florida:  Katherine Harris, the law-abiding former Florida Secretary of State, the arbiter of the 2000 Presidental Election, was campaigning at an intersection -- on the sidewalk not the street.  In typical liberal affection for her personal constitutional rights, Barry Seltzer, age 46, drove his Cadillac (ugh, I am a Caddy lover, especially the great ones of the 1960ís) onto the sidewalk and aimed straight for Mrs. Harris and her entourage.  At the last second, he swerved away, missing Mrs. Harris.  The police have arrested Mr. Seltzer for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony.

Seltzer, a registered Democrat, said: "I intimidated them with my car.  They were standing in the street."  The "street" part is disputed by a large number of eyewitnesses.  He continued, "I did not run them down.  I scared them a little."  Let me see if I understand Mr. Seltzerís defense: itís OK for a Democrate to scare a person to fear for her very life because sheís Republican?  If I were Teresa Heinz Kerry, I might call him any variety of unprintable names.  Or maybe not, because Mrs. Kerry seems to be the elite leftist at the pinnacle of her intolerant creed.

Itís just another example of elitist leftists thinking that free speech is unlimited, unless the speaker is not an elite leftist.  Some of the more vocal pundits have been viciously flamed.  One person used to have a website that, in an incredible display of typical elitist liberal intellectual might, falsely accused Ann Coulter of being anorexic.  Of course there is Al Frankenís wonderful work of scientific literature, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.  The number of books slamming our beloved president increase, as the research behind them gets more and more "creative."

In Frankfort, Illinois, you have read my accounts of Bush/Cheney signs being vandalized and finally stolen.  In the tomy Tinley Park, IL neighborhood of Brookside Glen, where homes routinely sell for well over $400,000, a Bush/Cheney supporter dared to put up a 12x24 inch lawn sign.  Thatís the small size.  For his trouble, all of the front windows in his house were broken by rock throwers.  In Wisconsin, lawn signs have been greeted with swastikas painted into the lawn with RoundUp weed killer.  Bush/Cheney offices in multiple states have been shot up -- thatís right, the people who want to take your guns away, use guns to shoot up the offices of those with whom they disagree.  Of course, none of this stuff happens to Kerry or his people!  And these leftists wonder why Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Rush pick on them?  The threat against Sinclair Broadcasting was designed to suppress anti-Kerry opinion and true facts to back those opinions.

Personally, I think that these leftists hate being identified for who and what they are.  They therefore will say and do anything to suppress any criticism of them or their ideas.  Apparently, as the election approaches, attempted murder is fair game.